A Diverse Shopping Experience


Paris from a shoppers’ perspective is divided broadly into different sections where traders plying the same goods tend to congregate, for example a certain section would be selling designer clothes while another might be selling traditional antiques. If you are on the Boulevard Saint Germain designer clothing stores, sidewalk cafés and restaurants abound in this area. Draw nearer the river Seine and your footsteps lead you where the art galleries cluster together. Walk a bit to the east, towards rue de Buci, the clothing stores become less expensive.

The fashioniestas and the glitterati of the world will be happy in the up market, expensive designer boutiques of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement. Top quality shoes, bags, and leather goods are the province of Rue du Cherche-Midi and rue de Grenelle in the 6th. Truly trend-setting fashions may be seen in the shops on Rue Etienne Marcel and Place des Victoires bordering the 1st and 2nd arrondissements.

Regrettably Champs-Elysees formerly the capital of class and style in France has been transformed in to a strip of neon lights that features global fast food chains, banks, air lines offices, malls and cinemas all designed for the consumption of tourists. An exception to the rule is Les Halles that offers a subterranean shopping center with more than 180 stores, connected by a maze of escalators and walkways that are guaranteed to give anyone a headache. If you mange to navigate the labyrinth it is possible to find low-cost copies of Parisian-chic fashions here.

For treasure hunting the best places to hit are the Parisian flea markets. Paris has three main flea markets of ancient descent, situated around the old gates of the city. Entertaining in every respect, they are a good place to find bargains if you go early enough, before the massive influx of shoppers gobble up all the good items.

For a much more mainstream a la American shopping experience the place to head is the Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, may be found side-by-side on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement, carrying designer, brand name and private label merchandise.

A Paris Hotel will almost always be located near a market as they are a mind blowing 58 market districts in the city. Many large Paris Hotels are located in the much more chic shopping areas which are likely to offer tourists the best shopping experience.

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The Joy of Joy Global


Joy to the world, Joy Global has come. As the title indicates, there is a lot to be optimistic about when regarding Joy Global (JOYG) as your next potential investment. With the worldwide advantage, strong fundamental and technical standings relative to weaker sentiment regarding competitors, I believe purchasing a few shares as your gift for your holidays will make you and potentially your loved ones all the more joyous.

Looking at recent economic data, there is no question that the United States economy is slowing down. While the depreciated effect may be hindered by optimism in other areas signaling a soft landing, with increases in the unemployment rate, slowdowns in sectors such as the housing and automobile industries, coupled with the fact of a depreciating dollar, there is absolutely signs that the US is lagging in terms of growth juxtaposed to other nations. However, such relative stability does not necessarily need to present itself as a bad indicator to the equity market. It is true that in the next few months you will not see similar gains and record breaking historical highs for virtually every stock, but there are still some companies such as Joy Global which will take advantage of the current economic situations. Located in Wisconsin, according to Yahoo Finance* “Joy Global, Inc. engages in the manufacture, servicing, and distribution of mining equipment for the extraction of coal, and other minerals and ores worldwide.” The key word located in that statement would be worldwide. As I mentioned earlier that growth is rapidly heeded in nations such as China, India, and even the European Union, since Joy Global takes an active part with oversea ventures, such should play a large role into future revenue growth. With a depreciated dollar and the fact that companies will require more mining for certain commodities to fulfill such growing demand in these countries, Joy Global with the current economic situation has the potential to make strong gains from its oversea venues because of what it produces. Therefore, by examining such a strong positive condition for a company such as Joy Global, both they and you, as an investor, should place strong heed on how both domestic and foreign economies will further progress, hopefully making your view on Joy Global even more promising.

Nevertheless, if there is some backwash or geopolitical conflict which may impede such growth overseas, it is not to say that Joy Global does not already perform at an astounding level. Fundamentally speaking, for the last two years Joy Global has grown to a point to where revenue, percentage wise has grown has doubled from the 2003 to 2004 to the 2004 to 2005 fiscal years. Operating income which doubled from 2003 to 2004 rose 150% the subsequent year, and even on a quarterly basis, Joy Global has grown in the form of revenue, gross profit, and operating income almost each and every session. Such growth is the response of a strong management team lead by John Hanson where even more positive fundamental new arise. Like the income statement statistics, cash is not excluded from such positive regards. With net income flowing in and nearly tripling on a year to year basis with quarterly results (which are probably most important) still maintaining growth every quarter, this company continues to grow at a rapid pace regardless of how much this company has taken in over the past three years. Assets relative to liabilities are also quite strong, and this company’s P/E ratio of around 15 (current and forward) is absolutely competitive with companies such as Caterpillar and Bucyrus International. However due to the global presence relative to Caterpillar and the better fundamentals relative to P/E ratio in reference to Bucyrus, I believe Joy Global has more to offer.

The one area where investors may be a bit concerned can be attributed to the charts and technical aspect of the equation. On first glance over the last few months Joy Global has gone from a praiseworthy share price of near 70 to a staggering price of near 45. Now while the same can be said about other companies of the same industry such as Caterpillar and Bucyrus and that they all are at low cheap prices, I believe there is a stronger case to look more closely in investing with Joy Global. If you look over the last six months and follow a trend in terms of share price on an average of 50 days, you are able to examine that as all three companies have decreased in dramatic fashion from recent highs, only Caterpillar and Bucyrus have a continuous decreasing slope relative to share price, where, on the other hand, Joy Global has seemed to leveled out at the 35 price range. What that means is that Joy Global has more than likely hit its low and should continue in an upward momentum toward its historical and 52 week high. Closer examination also indicates that both rivals to Joy have had recent depreciation in share price with high volume signaling bearish sentiments. While, on the other hand, as of late, Joy Global has been encouraging shareholders with higher volume on days of appreciation in terms of share price. As such would indicate, there is a more bullish outlook from big institutions wagering that Joy Global will not only produce handsomely relative to its peers but perform in a way to beat the market. Thus, due to this close scrutiny of technical indicators, there is some strong optimism for Joy Global.

After reviewing the global and economic conditions, fundamental beneficiaries, and technical analysis, you should be absolutely encouraged with the given results. It is true that the economy may be heading into a small recession, but regardless of such situation, you will find joy during this holiday season if you purchase shares of Joy Global.